Governing Body Structure

The Governing Body of Templemoor Infant and Nursery School was re-constituted on 10th March 2014. There are 10 governors as follows:
3 Parent Governors
1 Local Authority Governor
1 Staff Governor
4 Co-opted Governors
1 Head Teacher Governor
The Governing Body believes that the current structure is appropriate for its current activities but continually keeps it under review. The Governing Body may also co-opt individuals with specific skills and knowledge to assist in the work of the sub-committees.
The Instrument of Government is the document that records the name of the school and the constitution of its governing body and can be downloaded below. 
Information about each type of governor
Parent Governors are voted onto the governing body by other parents of children who attend the school. Parent governors play an important role in shaping the education and experience of their children at Templemoor.
Local Authority (LA) Governors are appointed by the LA which maintains the school. They do not work for the LA but are people who live or work locally and are interested in supporting a local school. LA governors bring different perspectives to the governing body.
Staff Governors represent the views of staff at Templemoor at governing body meetings.
Co-opted Governors are appointed by the governing body. They bring a wide range of skills and expertise to the Governing Body.
A Head Teacher Governor is automatically a member of the Governing Body by virtue of office. 
The table below gives an overview of the structure of the Governing Body at Templemoor. 
Full Name Type of Governor Date Appointed Appointed by: Term of Office Ends Date stepped down (if applicable)
Mrs Shirley Brown
Staff  14/5/15  The School Staff  13/11/23  NA
Mrs Judith Davenport - Chair of Governors from 06/12/12 Co-opted  6/3/16 & 5/3/20 The Governing Body 4/3/24  NA
Mrs Siobhain Easter Co-opted 09/07/20 The Governing Body 08/07/24 NA
Mrs Maureen Haddock
Co-opted  11/3/14 & 13/3/18 The Governing Body 13/3/22  NA
Mr Stuart Hodgson
Head Teacher  1/9/14 Virtue of Office NA  NA
Dr Nigel Jones - Vice Chair from 17/12/12 Co-opted   25/11/19 The Governing Body 24/11/23  NA
 Mrs Jennifer Moore
Parent   01/06/20  Parents of the School   31/05/24  NA
Mrs Fiona Morgan 
Parent 18/11/22  Parents of the School 17/11/26 NA
Mrs Liz Patel  Local Authority 13/3/18  Nominated by the Local Authority, appointed by the Governing Body  12/3/22  NA
Mrs Alison Tariq
Parent   12/2/16 & 02/3/20 Parents of the School  01/3/24   NA
Former Governors          
Prof Ben Ambridge Parent 16/11/18 Parents of the School 15/11/22 Term of Office ended
Mrs Stephanie McIntee Parent   26/4/16 Parents of the School 25/4/20  Term of Office ended
Mrs Sue Buckley
Co-opted  1/7/14 & 13/3/18  The Governing Body  11/3/22 Retired on 19/12/19 
Mr James Leeming
Parent 19/11/14 Parents of the School  18/11/18 Term of Office ended
Mr Yemi Ajayi Local Authority 8/11/16 Nominated by the Local Authority, appointed by the Governing Body 7/11/20 10/10/17
Mr Richard Mansfield Parent   26/4/12 Parents of the School   25/4/16 Term of Office ended
Mr Andy Richardson (was Chair to 26/11/15) Co-opted   30/6/15 The Governing Body 29/6/19   26/11/15
Councillor Andrew Western Local Authority 5/12/13 Nominated by the Local Authority, appointed by the Governing Body 4/12/17 29/6/16