Main School Admissions (Reception to Year 2)

In Reception, Year 1 and Year 2, the school has an admission limit of 30 children per class.
Trafford Local Educational Authority is the Admission Authority for the main school, both for the annual intake of children into the Reception class and any in-year requests for places throughout the school.
For admission to the new Reception class each September, parents need to complete a Common Application Form (CAF) through their Local Authority, outlining their choices of primary school in priority order. The Local Authority (Trafford, if you are a Trafford resident) will then process the application and each child will be offered a single primary school place in the April prior to the pupil taking up the place the following September.
To apply online click HERE (for Trafford residents). The closing date for September 2024 admissions is 15th January 2024
All enquiries for places at the school (excluding the Nursery) should be made to:
Trafford School Admissions
2nd Floor Waterside House
M33 7ZF
Telephone: 0161 912 5007
Further information about starting school can be found via the following LINK