A Guide to Remote Learning at Templemoor

Remote Learning Plan

In September 2020 all of our classes returned to full-time education following the lockdown from Covid 19 at the end of March. We are delighted to see all of the children back at school and hope all of the hard work we have put in place ensures children can continue coming to school everyday. However, following the current ongoing local and national situation there is the possibility that an individual child, a class bubble or indeed the whole school will need to self-isolate for a period of time to protect the school community. We have put in place a plan for remote learning to ensure all children can continue with their daily lessons and meet the required learning within their year group.

This plan meets the expectations set out in the DfE guidance ‘Remote Education Support.’

We have put together a blended learning package for the children not receiving their education in school due to Covid-19. Our learning will be a combination of online learning and paper-based learning.

This will include:

  • An exercise book to record learning, reading books, phonics books and a library book. 

  • A timetable of learning across the week covering all areas of the curriculum and matched where possible to what is being taught that week in school.

  • Access to Read, Write Inc. Phonics and spelling lessons.

  • Access to White Rose mathematics lessons.

  • Dedicated class email addresses for ongoing correspondence between teacher and families.

  • Feedback given by teachers via Seesaw.

  • Pre-recorded instructions and stories. 
  • A pre-recorded Golden Book assembly.
If a child does not have access to a computer/laptop and/or the internet, the school will do all it can to support children and will provide paper packs of learning. Where funding can be accessed, remote devices (eg, laptops) and/or 4G connections will be sought, particularly for disadvantaged children. Parents will be reminded to make the school aware of any barriers to accessing remote learning.
Our Remote Learning Plan can be downloaded below.

Individual children across school need to self-isolate

If an individual child is self-isolating the class teacher will upload work for them onto our remote learning page to complete at home. This will include online lessons from Read, Write, Inc. and White Rose Maths matched to the curriculum taught in class, where appropriate. 

Teachers will make contact either by phone or by email and work can be sent via Seesaw to teachers for feedback. They will offer as much support to these children as possible during the self-isolation period but won’t always be available throughout the school day due to teaching commitments. If another member of staff is available to answer questions, they will do, but this may not always be possible.



A Whole Class or Year Group bubble needs to self-isolate.

If a whole class or year group bubble is self-isolating, then the class teacher will use pre-recorded messages and stories to enhance the remote learning offer.

The class teacher will also be available throughout school hours to answer questions from the children to aid their learning via Seesaw. If the class teacher is off sick during this time, members of the Templemoor team will be employed to ensure that the remote learning is not compromised.