School Vision and Aims

The Templemoor Vision

We believe that everything in our school will have an impact on children’s learning. The physical environment, our values and attitudes about how children learn, relationships with one another, the curriculum, teaching and resources will all affect the life chances of our children. We want Templemoor to be a community in which there is equality, pupils are nurtured, there is trust, respect and we aim for excellence. Our learning values of Creativity, Collaboration, Independence, Resilience and a ‘Have a go attitude’ will permeate the life of the school. These values will form our core values displayed around the school and shared with parents, children and staff.

We place learning at the centre of our school and understand that we learn best when we are challenged, motivated and can think and reflect on our actions. Our philosophy is that learning must be delicious. We will therefore provide a stimulating, exciting indoor and outdoor environment and curriculum and excellent creative teaching in an atmosphere where everyone feels valued and safe, ideas can flourish and children can realise their full potential. Our children need to develop skills and attitudes that will enable them to learn how to learn, become more socially adept and manage their feelings and emotions effectively. We want our children to feel positive and achieve enjoyment through learning. We want our children to be prepared to live a fulfilling life in modern Britain.

We learn through a rich and engaging, broad and balanced curriculum, interesting project work, integrating subjects where possible. This makes learning more meaningful to the children. We want their time at our school to be memorable, to build upon what they know and can do and help them to become lifelong learners. We will continuously assess our children’s work and behaviour, taking into account what parents and the children themselves think and this will help us to plan their next steps.

We recognise that we are educating children for the future where technology will play an even bigger part and therefore we will continue to lead the way in this area of the curriculum, using it as an important tool in all that we do. ICT, together with a whole host of visitors , including artists, musicians and storytellers and visits outside of school all add to the exciting Templemoor Infant and Nursery School curriculum.

We believe that teamwork and positive partnerships with families, colleagues, governors and the wider community will nurture, support and encourage our children and prepare them to embark upon future challenges with enthusiasm, courage, confidence and aspiration.

Learning is a lifelong process and it is our responsibility as adults to model effective learning. This vision statement therefore applies to everyone who has a role to play in the provision of education at our school – governors, support staff, teaching assistants and teachers.

The Aims of Templemoor Infant and Nursery School

  • To promote, encourage and support the highest quality learning as the central purpose of our school and as an enjoyable life-long activity.
  • To foster a community involving children, teachers, governors and parents that shares high expectations and care and consideration for others.
  • To recognise and celebrate all our individual and collective achievements.
  • To create an environment responsive to the needs and gifts of every child, through the provision of quality education.
  • To develop in children a sense of personal responsibility which will encourage them to contribute and benefit from the wider world.

These aims will be supported by:-

  • an attractive and well maintained building, improvements designed to encourage a wide variety of learning and creative teaching and the best possible working conditions for all.
  • the active involvement of parents and the wider community in children’s learning and in the life of the school.
Mission Statement
We aim to attain our vision and school aims by providing the highest quality teaching and learning in a happy, stimulating environment.