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4th October 2019

Thank you for sending in photographs of celebrations this week, we read the story ‘Kipper’s Birthday’ by Mick Inkpen and other birthday stories. This gave us an opportunity to talk about different celebrations.

We looked at estimation in our maths work, using the language more or less. Maybe you could estimate (“a clever guess”) some objects around your home or when you are out and about!

Please can you help your child complete page 5 and 6 only, this week. Children need to bring their handwriting books back to school every day, don’t worry if you haven’t had time to complete the requested pages.

Next week we will be talking about going to a café, so if you are looking for a treat this weekend maybe you could visit one and talk about the menu, the currency and the need to pay.

Mrs Leigh finished this week to start her maternity leave and next week we will welcome Mrs Marsden who will be working in Reception on Tuesday mornings.

Don’t forget we are collecting tins and dried food for Sale Moor Food bank as our Harvest collection this year.

Thank you for all your support, have a good weekend.

Mrs Cundick, Miss MacIntyre, Mrs Hardman, Mrs Phoenix,

Mrs Rowland and Mrs Buckley (Thursday afternoon)


Reception Weekly Link

27th  September 2019

This week we introduced the children to their ‘phonic group’. Every child has been assessed for their phonic knowledge and placed in a group in order to teach to their needs. Children will be assessed regularly to ensure they are in the right group. Can they remember which group they are in? There are four groups; Mrs Phoenix’s, Mrs Cundick’s, Miss MacIntyre’s and Mrs Hardman’s.

The story of the week was ‘Lost and Found’ by Oliver Jeffers and we continued talking about friends. Thank you very much for sending in ‘special items’ for the children to talk about. It was a very successful activity, giving all the children a chance to speak about themselves to the group. Next week we will be talking about ‘celebrations’, would like you to send in a photograph or email a photograph to of a celebration your child has been to. This could be a birthday, wedding, christening or any other family celebration.

Next week we also have our Literacy Evening on Wednesday at 6 O’clock; please send in your reply by Monday if you have not done so, so we can sort out numbers of chairs, etc. (This is an adult only event.)

Don’t forget we also have poet Andy Tooze visiting on Tuesday. He will spend time in our class reading poems to the children and there will be an opportunity to purchase a book too.


Thank you for all your support, have a good weekend.

Mrs Cundick, Miss MacIntyre, Mrs Hardman, Mrs Phoenix,

Mrs Leigh (Tuesday am) and Mrs Rowland and Mrs Buckley (Thursday pm)

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1st March 2019

This week’s story has been ‘What the Ladybird Heard’ by Julia Donaldson. We have looked at rhyming words.

In Mathematics we have been looking at subtraction and the symbol (-). Can you give your child a subtraction problem? E.g. You have 3 sausages, if you eat 1 how many will you have left?

Please complete pages 11 & 19 in handwriting books this week. We have highlighted a few Mathletic programmes that you could do with your child this half term. Don’t forget we collect reading books in on a Wednesday and we ask if you could use Wednesday and Thursday evenings to recap sounds and read library books. Mrs Buckley sent home new packs last week, containing sounds and words that will support your child at the appropriate level.

The ‘word of the fortnight’ is: Duty Bearer. We have talked about responsibilities. We have given all children an area of the classroom to be responsible for ‘Area Leaders’. Ask your child which area they are responsible for. 

Thank you for attending the ‘Number Workshop’. If you didn’t have chance to come the power point presentation is available on the school website.

A date for your diary: Reception ‘Little Voices’ concert is on Wednesday 20th March at 10.30.

Thank you for all your continued support, have a good weekend.

Mrs Cundick, Miss MacIntyre, Mrs Hardman, Mrs Phoenix, Mrs Ree (Thursday all day) and Mrs Rowland (Thursday afternoon)                                                   

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1st February 2019

The story of the week was ‘Jack and the Beanstalk’. We have read different versions, may be you could find a copy at home or at the library. Discuss any similarities or differences in the story to the books we shared at school. Children have revisited estimation and counted ‘jelly beans’, started to look at 3D shapes and made a castle using a 3D construction kit, naming the shapes they used. Maybe you could look for some 3D shaped objects at home. Can you spot any cubes, cuboids, spheres, cylinders, triangular prisms or pyramids?

The snow was amazing this week and the normal planning was put on hold to allow children the opportunity to explore and play in it. The children had great fun, we even explored the main play-ground and field where there was some really thick snow!

Thank you to the many parents and grand-parents that have shared stories this week during story telling week, the children and staff have really appreciated them.

This week we would like you to complete pages 15 and 36.

The ‘word of the fortnight’ is: Dignity.

Next week is the last week of our topic. We will be looking at Three Little Pigs.We will also be looking briefly at Chinese New Year (Year of the Pig) and discussing Safer Internet Day on the 5th.

Thank you for all your continued support, have a good weekend.

Mrs Cundick, Miss MacIntyre, Mrs Hardman, Mrs Phoenix, Mrs Ree (Thursday all day) and Mrs Rowland (Thursday afternoon)





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14th June 2019

Welcome back, this week we read ‘A Squash and a Squeeze’ by Julia Donaldson. We introduced our new topic ‘Do cows drink milk?’.

We have continued working on addition and subtraction looking at the ‘part, part, whole model’, see if your child can explain what they have to do!

This week please complete page 23 in your handwriting book. We have been doing extra handwriting at school, all children should have pages 2 to 8 completed. If they haven’t, they can catch up at home. Please keep books in bags every day so we can get them if we need them.

This half term Mrs Rowland has taken the place of Mrs Ree on Thursdays and we welcome Mrs Thompson on a Thursday afternoon. Mrs Thompson is an experienced early years teacher, she volunteered in nursery last year and came with us on our school trip this year, so she does have a little knowledge of our children. She had a lovely afternoon this week and is looking forward to getting to know us better.

Next week we are going to introduce coming in through their own room doors (Bees come through the green door, Ladybirds come through blue door), a small transition step towards moving into year one. We have ‘Science Week’ next week and look forward to exploring and finding out lots of new things.

Thank you for all your support.

Mrs Cundick, Miss MacIntyre, Mrs Hardman, Mrs Phoenix, Mrs Rowland (Thursday all day) and Mrs Thompson (Thursday afternoon)