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Nursery Home Links-11/10/19

Colour Explosion!!

We had a great time creating our ‘colour explosion’ art project this week.  The children learnt about the artist Jackson Pollock and looked at examples of his work, including his distinctive style of drip painting. The children then scattered brightly coloured powder paint on to material and used water sprays to squirt the colours into action! Please pop in to Nursery to see our art work and photos on display. 

Story of the week

We have read the story ‘A Rainbow of my Own’ by Don Freeman and talked about the more unusual colours of the rainbow including indigo and violet.  The children have enjoyed investigating a range of rainbow related activities around the Nursery and this will continue into the coming week.  We also read ‘Elmer’ and talked about how everyone is unique, just like Elmer!

Autumn Finds

If you managed to go on an Autumn walk last weekend, thank you for sending in your Autumn finds. The children have enjoyed showing what they found and talking about them.

Movement and music

The children have enjoyed our music sessions this week.  We have listened to Vivaldi’s ‘Autumn’ and used colourful ribbons to move in time with the music, whilst improving our gross motor skills. The children have also investigated a range of percussion instruments and experimented with different ways to play them. 

Transition records

As staff, we continue to get to know your child and build relationships with them.  In order to help us with this, we ask for a copy of any transitional documents you may have from your child’s previous childcare setting. Information will be used to add to our initial assessments and to help us focus on the next steps in learning for your child.  You might have already handed transition documents to us at the start of the year.

Parents Evening

Parents Evenings for Nursery parents are Thursday 7th November and Tuesday 12th November. Mrs Berry will have appointments from 2pm till 6pm on both dates. The school office team will be in touch shortly for you to book an appointment.



Foodbank donations.

Thank you if you have already brought in items to donate to the local food bank. We are collecting items until Thursday 17th October. Just to remind you what the food bank have asked for :- juice (cartons and cordials), tinned pasta, tinned tomatoes, long life milk and sponge puddings.  Toiletries are also always gratefully received e.g. shower gel, deodorant, toothpaste, toothbrushes. We hope that you will support our collection and talk to your children about the need to help people in our local community who will benefit from our support. Whilst remembering that Templemoor is a Rights Respecting School…UNICEF Rights of the Child. Article 24. (health and health services) Every child has the right to the best possible health. Governments must provide good quality health care, clean water, nutritious food, and a clean environment and education on health and well-being so that children can stay healthy. Richer countries must help poorer countries achieve this.

Nursery Technology Questionnaire

If you have already returned the Nursery Technology Questionnaire, thank you. If not, it would be great if you could return it to us next week. 

End of half term is drawing near! 

We can’t quite believe that the children have almost been with us for half a term! School breaks up for the half term holiday on Friday 18th October at 3.20pm.                                       

Thank you for your continued support. Have a lovely weekend.

The Nursery Team



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Friday 4th October 2019

Dear Parents and Carers,

We have been extremely busy in Nursery this week.  Continuing to learn about colours, the children have enjoyed various green and brown activities which has also linked nicely to us starting to learn about Autumn. 


Over the weekend you might want to take your child on an Autumn walk.  Please send in any ‘Autumn finds’ you discover when out and about such as conkers, leaves, acorns etc plus any photos of your child enjoying the season. They are useful for many things including counting, sorting, matching and singing!

Andy Tooze, Poet visit

On Tuesday we had 2 visits (am and pm) from a fantastic poet called Andy Tooze. He shared some of his poems with the children and we enjoyed reciting them with him. Andy brought his poems to life and encouraged the children to use actions.

Planting bulbs

Thank you for sending in the 2 litre plastic bottles for us to use for planting. In the next couple of weeks we will be planting Spring bulbs.  We are on the look out for any bags of spare compost (already opened is fine!) and surplus bulbs.  If you can help with either of these things please let us know. 

Colours, colours everywhere!

Next week we will begin learning about the artist Jackson Pollock.  Groups of children will take part in our ‘colour explosion’ art project.  Look out for our large scale art work coming soon! We will also be learning about the colours in a rainbow and how a rainbow is made.

The children’s self portraits are now all displayed in nursery. Please feel free to come and have a look.

Harvest and foodbank.

In celebration of Harvest we have once again decided to collect gifts for our local food bank. Harvest gifts can be sent into school from now until Thursday 17th October. The Food Bank are desperate for juice (cartons and cordials), tinned pasta, tinned tomatoes, long life milk and sponge puddings.  Toiletries are also always gratefully received. We hope that you will support our collection and talk to your children about the need to help people in our local community who will benefit from our support. Thank you.

Nursery Technology Questionnaire. Please find attached this questionnaire and return next week. Thank you.

We hope you have a lovely weekend.  From The Nursery Team.


Nursery Link

Friday 6th September 2019

Dear Parents and Carers,

What a wonderful week we have had in nursery. The nursery team are very pleased with how the children are settling into nursery and are getting used to our routines.

We have been very impressed with how many children are trying to be independent. When your child first arrives at nursery please encourage them to take their tag off their peg and hang up their own coat.

As some of you may be aware the Friends of Templemoor (PTA) kindly buy each child a Templemoor book bag. Unfortunately they haven’t arrived yet. As soon as they do we will give one to your child. Thank you for your patience.

This week the children have been painting their self- portrait. If your child has not painted theirs yet they will be doing so next week. Look out for their masterpiece displayed in nursery soon.

At Templemoor Nursery we have a wonderful resource of a Story Sack library. A story sack has a story with props and suggestions of how you can share the story sack with your child. If your child wants to borrow a story sack please can you sign the sack out in the PINK FOLDER on the page that corresponds with the story sack you have chosen. When you return the story sack please hand it back to a member of staff to check. Thank you. If you have any queries please speak to a member of the nursery team.

We look forward to another exciting week in nursery welcoming some more new nursery friends.

Have a lovely weekend.

From The Nursery Team.