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Nursery Home Links-5/4/19

What a busy half term this has been! We are really proud of all of the things that our Nursery children have achieved and want to thank you for your support.

As part of our learning during ‘Healthy Minds, Healthy Bodies’ week, the children have taken part in yoga sessions, met people whose job it is to keep other’s healthy (a sonographer, a doctor, a guide dog with her owner and a representative of the charity for sight loss-Henshaws. The children enjoyed learning about the various roles and asked some interesting questions. They have particularly enjoyed playing with our doctors kits and ‘treating’ each other! We read the story of ‘Oliver’s Fruit Salad’ by Vivian French and the children learnt the names of some fruits they hadn’t seen before. They made and ate delicious fruit kebabs which were very popular! The children then chose their favourite fruits to create a group pictogram.

We have greatly enjoyed our week of exercise including football skills, egg and spoon races, parachute games and of course our sponsored jump! If you have yet to send in your child’s collected sponsor money, please send this in by Tuesday 23rd April, along with the sponsor form. We talked briefly about having a healthy diet and answered the children’s questions about what it means to be healthy. We looked at examples of foods that we need lots of and foods that are good to have as treats. Look out for photos of our week of fun in and around the Nursery.

As part of our work on healthy minds, we continue to talk to the children about kindness. We have read several stories relating to this including ‘Superworm’ by Julia Donaldson and ‘Alfie Lends a Hand’ by Shirley Hughes.  If you have any stories at home that are particularly about kindness, please send them in for us to share with the group.

We are so excited about our beach trip to St Anne’s on Wednesday 22nd May.  If you haven’t already done so, please send back your completed reply slip as soon as possible so that we can plan appropriately.  After the holidays our new topic will be ‘How many pebbles on a beach?’ which will culminate in a (hopefully!) sunny day at the beach together.


We return to school on Tuesday 23rd April.

We hope you have a wonderful Easter break.    

The Nursery Team


Nursery Home Links-3/5/19

This week in Nursery we have learnt more about the seaside and enjoyed working on our large scale seascape based on the story of ‘The Lighthouse Keeper’s Lunch.’ The children have worked on their pre-writing skills in paint using wavy lines to make the waves of the sea, look out for these on our Nursery display board. They particularly enjoyed using the parachute outside to make giant waves!

We had great excitement on Friday, the children had the chance to look at and handle a range of seafood including a crab, fish, prawns, muscles and oysters! Thank you to Sale Fish and Seafoods on Claremont Road for giving us a good deal!

We have talked about the kinds of things we might take on holiday with us and worked together to draw our ideas. We have encouraged the children to use their growing knowledge of phonic sounds to help to write the initial sounds of each item, for example ‘sunglasses’ begins with ‘s.’ Please encourage your child to think about what sound things begin with at home, this could be toys they play with, items found in the kitchen or even things they notice whilst out and about!

We continue to reinforce numbers 1-10 with both recognition and counting and are encouraging children to have a go at representing numbers on paper and outside on the floor using chalk.  We continued to look at the words ‘heavy’ and ‘light’ and encouraged the children to take part in the weight Rainbow Challenge in the Maths Area. The children used our role-play sea creatures to help them test out their ideas of what might be heavy and light.

We have introduced the pure sound ’h’ this week. We talked about how to write a ’h’ sound, using the words; Down the head to the hooves and over his back. Please help your child to find things that begin with ‘h’ around your home.

As we (hopefully) enjoy warmer weather, we ask that all children wear sun cream to Nursery on sunny days.  If you put long lasting sun cream on your child before school, please let a member of staff know. If you require your child to put on sun cream during the Nursery day, please send it in, clearly named and we will make sure that your child is protected. May we also ask that you provide sun hats. Thank you for your help with this.

Can we ask all parents to look out for a child’s blue padded coat. We believe it went missing this week. Please let a member of staff know if you find it!

Just a reminder that Wednesday 8th May is our school photograph day.


We hope you enjoy the extended weekend! We return to school on Tuesday 7th May.

The Nursery Team




Nursery Home Links-29/3/19

What a lovely week we’ve had in Nursery! The sunny weather has meant that a lot of our children have chosen to spend time outside and they have really enjoyed playing in our Farm Café and digging in the soil tray.  Some children were inspired to make signs to add to our soil area, giving it the name of ‘The Flower Garden’ and making a price list for their customers! If you have any photos of your child enjoying the Spring weather at home or out and about, please send them in for us to share with the group. You could encourage your child to set up their own ‘garden shop’ using whatever you have around such as leaves, sticks, watering cans etc. Help them to make a price list and encouraging them to recognise the numbers given to each item. 

During our Maths focus times we have used the story of Jasper’s Beanstalk to compare different lengths.  The children have been learning to use the words long, short, longer, shorter, longest and shortest. To encourage this at home, you could help your child to gather various sticks from the garden/park and to order them from shortest to longest.  Encourage them to use the appropriate vocabulary and to look for objects that are the same length.     We continue to work on number recognition to 10 and continue to practise ‘touch counting’ where objects are lined up and each one is touched whilst counting.  This is something we would appreciate your help with at home.

This week we have introduced the pure sound ‘e’ and taught the children to write the sound using the words, lift off the top and scoop out the egg.  This has leant itself well to our learning about eggs and as we move towards the Easter holidays. 

After the holidays, the way that children are required to mark their attendance will change.  Currently children need to put their name card into the correct coloured basket when they arrive at Nursery.  When we return after Easter, the children will begin signing in by either writing their name, tracing over their name or simply making a mark next to their name.  We will encourage all children to do this and we are always delighted by the difference in how children are able to write their name at the end of the Summer term!

Next week is our Healthy Minds, Healthy Bodies week.  The children will be learning more about what it takes to keep healthy, will be trying out a variety of physical exercises and will meet some very interesting guests! Look out for more information next week.

Thank you for your continued support.

We hope you have a lovely weekend.

The Nursery Team





Nursery Home Links-22/3/19

This week in Nursery we have enjoyed looking out for signs of Spring. The children went on a Spring walk and learnt to recognise things such as crocuses, daffodils and new buds on trees.  We talked about new life including chicks and lambs that are generally born at this time of year.  We continue to learn some jolly Spring songs and hope our singing will bring better weather! To encourage your child’s learning about Spring at home, you could take them on a Spring treasure hunt and help them to use a simple check list to tick off what they find. The Woodland Trust has a good example;

We read the story of Jasper’s Beanstalk by Nick Butterworth and planted our own beans. The children will continue to check on them regularly and will learn more about what is needed to keep plants healthy.  You could encourage your child to plant seeds at home and help them to notice how their seeds develop over time.  Please send in any photos you may take of your child doing this and we will add them to their Learning Journey. 

We are very fortunate to have families attending our Nursery who celebrate a range of different festivals and traditions and we love to share them with our little ones.  We were delighted to learn more about Iranian New Year on Wednesday. If you would like to learn more about this with your child, the following video is useful

We have introduced the pure sound ‘f’ this week. We talked about how to write a ’f’ sound, using the words; down the stem and draw the leaves.  You could help your child to find more things that begin with ‘f’ e.g. fish, fruit, football etc.  The children have enjoyed making patterns with our wooden flowers and following patterns using flowers. 

We continue to practise recognising numbers to 10 and to count out numbers of objects using touch counting.  We encourage the children to line up the objects and to touch each one as they count. Please continue to work on this with your child at home and feel free to move to higher numbers if appropriate. 


Thank you for your continued support.

We hope you have a lovely weekend.

The Nursery Team

Nursery Home Links-8/3/19

This week the Nursery children have loved handling our gorgeous chicks and learning more about how to take care of them. We are sorry to see them go, but think they are definitely ready for a much bigger, outdoor life! The children have learnt about the life cycle of a chick and have been making their own books showing this process. 

On Tuesday we learnt about Shrove Tuesday or Pancake Day.  The children enjoyed reading pancake related stories such as ‘Mr Wolf’s Pancakes’ and the traditional story of ‘The Big Pancake’, role-play of making pancakes in the home corner and eating pancakes for snack!

We have read the story of ‘Rosie’s Walk’ by Pat Hutchins and talked about how Rosie travels all around the farm yard, unaware of the hungry fox following her! This has helped us to teach the children about positional language such as over, under, through, around and next to.  We set up an outdoor assault course for the children to explore and to use the language we have learnt to describe their route.  To encourage this at home, you could set up your own simple assault course using cushions and chairs or whatever you have handy! Talk about what your child is doing as they travel along, for example ‘You’re crawling over the cushions, under the chair, around the table’ etc. 

We have introduced the pure sound ’u’ this week. We talked about how to write an ‘u’ sound, using the words; down and under, up to the top and draw the puddle. The children were surprised how many ‘u’ words we could think of such as under, umberella and upset!

We had a great World Book Day on Thursday dressed in our pyjamas! The children enjoyed sharing favourite stories and particularly liked having hot chocolate. We are looking forward to the arrival of the Scholastic Book Fair next week which will take place in the main school hall. We hope to see you there!

Thank you for your continued support.

Have a lovely weekend.

The Nursery Team


Nursery Home Links-10/5/19

We have continued with our topic of ‘How many pebbles on a beach?’ this week.  The children have really embraced the light house theme and have made some fantastic stripy patterned examples using coloured paper in the Creative Workshop.  They have also enjoyed making stripy light house shakers using recycled milk bottles! As we continue to get ready for our beach trip on Wednesday 22nd May, can we remind you that all children going on the trip will need an adult to accompany them.  Staff need to know the name of the adult coming in order to complete the online risk assessment. Please let staff know this information as soon as possible.   

This week we have introduced the pure sound ‘j.’ We talked about how to write a ‘j’ using the words ‘down his body, curl and dot’ (like a jack-in-a-box!) We also spent time showing the children the difference between the ‘i’ and the ‘j’ as they are often confused. We enjoyed reading Jack and the Beanstalk and Pass the Jam Jim to help reinforce our new sound.  Please encourage your child to find things that begin with ‘j’ such as jam, jumper and jelly. 

We continue to work on numbers to 10.  This week the children have been experimenting using numicon pieces, looking at what numbers can be made up of, for example a 10 numicon piece can be made up of a 6 and 4, a 7 and 3 etc.  The children have been practically fitting numicon pieces over the top of each number to experiment and draw their own conclusions. 

We are really short of old mobile phones/hand held telephones for the children to use in their play. If you have a phone that you have finished with we would be very grateful if you could help us replenish our stocks!


Thank you for your continued support.

We hope you have a lovely weekend.

The Nursery Team