Nursery Home Links

Nursery Home Links-12/10/18

We had a great time creating our ‘colour explosion’ art project this week. The children learnt about the artist Jackson Pollock and looked at examples of his work, including his distinctive style of drip painting. The children then scattered brightly coloured powder paint on to material and used water sprays to squirt the colours into action! Please pop in to Nursery over the coming weeks to see our art work and photos on display.

We have read the story ‘A Rainbow of my Own’ by Don Freeman and talked about the more unusual colours of the rainbow including indigo and violet. The children have enjoyed investigating a range of rainbow related activities around the Nursery and this will continue into the coming week. We also read ‘Elmer’ and talked about how everyone is unique, just like Elmer!

The children have enjoyed our music sessions this week. We have listened to Vivaldi’s ‘Autumn’ and used colourful ribbons to move in time with the music, whilst improving our gross motor skills. The children have also investigated a range of percussion instruments and experimented with different ways to play them. We played games of ‘guess the instrument’ and used our improving listening skills to identify which instrument was making sounds.

As staff, we continue to get to know your child and build relationships with them. In order to help us with this, we ask for a copy of any transitional documents you may have from your child’s previous childcare setting. Information will be used to add to our initial assessments and to help us focus on the next steps in learning for your child. Please see a member of staff if you have any questions or to pass on any documents.

Parents Evenings for Nursery parents are Tuesday 6th November and Thursday 8th November. Parents of Yellow Group children will need to make an appointment with Mrs Leigh on the Tuesday. Parents of Blue and Red Group children will need to make an appointment with Mrs Berry on the Tuesday or Thursday. The school office team will be in touch shortly for you to book an appointment.

We are still in need of empty pop bottles to plant our Spring bulbs in. If you have any at home, please can you send them in to Nursery as soon as possible.

Next Thursday is the last day to donate to our Food bank collection. The following items are especially needed; coffee, custard, rice pudding, sponge pudding, tinned fruit, cordial and rice. Thank you for your support with this.

Thank you for your continued support. Have a lovely weekend.

The Nursery Team

Nursery Home Links-5/10/18

We have been extremely busy in Nursery this week. Continuing to learn about colours, the children have enjoyed various green and brown activities which has also linked nicely to our learning about Autumn. Thank you to anyone who has sent in their ‘Autumn finds’, please continue to send things in such as conkers, acorns, Autumn leaves etc. They are useful for many things including counting, sorting, matching and singing! (Ask your child to sing you 5 shiny conkers!) The children have listened to the story of Brown Bear, Brown Bear by Bill Martin Junior and joined in with the repeated refrains. The following link shows a musical version to share at home We have also started to look at Percy the Park Keeper stories by Nick Butterworth. This will continue into next week.

This week we have played lots of games to get to know each other and to encourage interaction. We are really pleased that the Nursery children seem to have settled in well and are beginning to make friendships. We continue to work on good listening and following simple instructions.

In the next couple of weeks we will be planting Spring bulbs. We are on the look out for any bags of spare compost (already opened is fine!), surplus bulbs and empty pop bottles to plant in. If you can help with either of these things please let us know.

Next week we will begin learning about the artist Jackson Pollock. Groups of children will take part in our ‘colour explosion’ art project. Look out for our large scale art work coming soon!

Next week we will also be talking about our collection for the local food bank. We will focus in simple terms on being thankful for what we have to eat and think about people who are less fortunate. Mrs Joan Tanner, our Trafford Food Bank contact has let us know that the following items are especially needed; coffee, custard, rice pudding, sponge pudding, tinned fruit, cordial and rice. Thank you for your support with this.

Gentle reminder

Please can you make sure that your child’s coat is clearly named. Thank you.

We hope you have a lovely weekend.

The Nursery Team


Nursery Home Links-28/9/18

Every Friday in Nursery, we send out a home links letter which gives parents information about what we have been doing during the week. It also gives ideas as to how learning can continue at home.

This week we have welcomed more new friends and are very proud of how welcoming our existing Nursery children have been. We are working hard to make sure that all children feel confident in Nursery routines and further develop their independence. With that in mind, please continue to encourage your child to hang up their own coat at the start of a session, to put their tag in the correct colour basket and to put book bags in the correct places.

This week we have been looking at the colours orange and blue. The children have enjoyed the stories ‘The Tiger who came to tea’ by Judith Kerr and ‘The Blue Balloon’ by Mick Inkpen. They have had tea parties in the water tray (making cups of ‘tea’) and tried out lots of colour mixing using pipettes and food colouring. At Quarry Bank Mill there is currently a Tiger who came to tea exhibition. The following link will give you more information.

The children have continued to paint self-portraits looking in a mirror, talking about their features and have painted picture frames. Please pop in to Nursery to view our growing gallery!

Next week we will focus on the colours green and brown and begin to talk about Autumn. With that in mind, please send in any ‘Autumn finds’ you discover when out and about such as conkers, leaves, acorns etc plus any photos of your child enjoying the season.

Next week our story sacks will be ready and available to borrow. Story sacks include a good quality story book, resources to help tell the story with your child and a laminated card showing the contents of the sack. Story sacks can be borrowed at the end of a Nursery session and returned within a few days. A signing out/signing in folder is located on the red book bag trolley. You are very welcome to use this fabulous resource to encourage the sharing of reading at home.

We will soon be planting Spring bulbs. Please send in any large empty pop bottles you have finished with, we will use these as containers to grow our plants.


Thank you for your support. Have a lovely weekend.

The Nursery Team

Nursery Topic Letter-September 2018

Dear Parents/Carers,

Each half term, we will focus on a different topic. For every topic we will send out a letter giving information about what we will be doing and some suggested ideas of how you can help to continue this learning at home.

This half term we are looking at the topic ‘How many colours in a rainbow?’ During this topic the children will look at which colours make up a rainbow and look out for things of that particular colour. We will have fun doing lots of colour mixing and investigate which colours go together to make other colours.

The children will investigate the colours around them both in school and at home and will look at different shades of the same colour. So far we have looked at the colours red and yellow and enjoyed taking part in various colour related activities such as sorting red and yellow pom poms using tweezers, playing in yellow gloop and filling and pouring coloured rice in our Sensory Area.

We will go on to learn about the artist Jackson Pollock and create our own masterpiece incorporating the different colours we have talked about. Look out for this on the Nursery display board opposite the main entrance in the weeks to come.

The children will enjoy stories involving colour such as ‘The Blue Balloon’ by Mick Inkpen and ‘Wow! Said the owl’ by Tim Hopgood.

To help your child continue to learn about colour at home you could:

  • Enjoy creating colourful pictures together using pencils, crayons and paint.
  • Have a go at colour mixing, experimenting to see which colours go together to make others.
  • Visit a decorating shop and find some colour swatches. Talk about different shades of the same colour. Does your child have a favourite?
  • Talk about how rainbows are created and look out for books involving rainbows e.g. Elmer and the Rainbow.

Please let us know of any colour investigations you do at home, we would love to hear about them and photographs are always welcome!

Please ask a member of the Nursery staff if you have any questions.

Thank you for your support.

The Nursery Team