Our School Council

The Templemoor School Council is an important forum for children. It enables them to voice their opinions and become actively involved in school decision making.
Each year School Council is elected from Year 1 and Year 2. There are currently 8 members, a girl and boy from each of the 4 classes.
The Council meets a number of times each term with Mrs Campbell.  
School Council members all wear badges so that children know who to talk to about their school.
This years School Council Representatives are:
Class 1 - 
Class 2 - 
Class 3 - 
Class 4 - 
A message from the School Council
We have a very important job to do. We have been elected by our classmates to represent them during regular meetings with Mrs Campbell. During these meetings we discuss what is great about our school and how we can make it even better.
We often have to take ideas back to our classes and discuss them, to then feedback and decide upon an agreed action.  At the moment, we are organising a fundraising event for Red Nose Day and looking into how we can make Templemoor a 'Growth Mindset' school. We will keep you informed of our new projects, initiatives and developments!
Have your say by posting on our new school council padlet. Click on the image below. 
Please note that all comments have to be approved before they go up on the wall.