Nursery Home Links

Nursery Home Links-23/3/18

This week in Nursery we have introduced a car and bike repair garage in our outside area. The children have enjoyed ‘fixing’ various vehicles, talking about their repairs and using clipboards to record what they have done.

We have continued our work on ‘Are eggs alive?’ looking at the different ways eggs can be cooked. The children looked at fresh and boiled eggs and talked about how they looked and felt. We enjoyed the story of ‘Little Lumpty’ who doesn't listen to his Mum and climbs up the tallest wall in the town! We focused on the theme of listening carefully, especially to grown ups! The children offered their own advice to Little Lumpty and compared his story to Humpty Dumpty!

We have introduced the pure sound ‘f’ this week. We talked about how to write a ’f’ sound, using the words; down the stem and draw the leaves. You could help your child to find more things that begin with ‘f’ e.g. fish, fruit, football etc. The children have enjoyed writing in foam, making patterns with our wooden flowers and playing field games.

We have looked at patterns this week, using our ‘egg men’ and wooden flowers to make patterns of colour and size. The children have also used natural materials outdoors to make Spring patterns.

Tuesday 26th March is our final Parents Evening. If you haven’t already, please sign up for an appointment to see your child’s teacher. Parents of Red and Blue group children will see Mrs Leigh and Mrs Rowland and parents of Green and Yellow children will see Mrs Cundick.

We are running low on spare underwear after changing children. If you have any Nursery clothes at home, please send them back.


Thank you for your continued support.


The Nursery Team


Nursery Home Links-16/3/18

This week we enjoyed going on a Spring walk around our school grounds. The children learnt about the various signs of Spring including blossom on trees, new buds, Spring flowers such as daffodils and hearing birds singing. We talked about baby animals and learnt to use words such as ‘foal,’ ‘kid’ and ‘calf.’ The children also enjoyed listening and moving to Vivaldi’s ‘Spring’ from ‘The Four Seasons’. We have continued our work on ‘Are eggs alive?’ looking at animals that lay eggs including chickens, snakes, crocodiles and ostriches! To support this further at home you could help your child to research egg-laying animals with a visit to the local library or use the internet to search. The following video link is useful,

We have introduced the pure sound ’b’ this week. We talked about how to write a ’b’ sound, using the words; down the laces to the heel, round the toe. You could help your child to find more things that begin with e.g. ball, book, balloon etc. The children have enjoyed a variety of ‘b’ related activities including writing ‘b’ in birdseed, using bubbles in the water tray, playing with blue play dough and using our senses to investigate basil, blueberries and baked beans!

We continue to work on recognising and counting numbers to 10, focusing on counting Spring animals such as lambs and chicks. We recapped the positional language we talked about last week such as, around, underneath, next to, through, over etc. We have also used Bee-Bots, a programmable toy to look at directions.

We are really looking forward to Easter. Friends of Templemoor are doing a penny drive to raise funds for Easter treats. Please send your spare pennies into Nursery, the collection pot is on the book bag trolley.

Next Tuesday and Tuesday 27th are Nursery Parents Evenings. If you haven’t already, please make an appointment to see your child’s teacher. Mrs Cundick will see the parents of Yellow and Green groups and Mrs Leigh and Mrs Rowland will see the parents of Red and Blue groups.


Thank you for your continued support.

The Nursery Team


Nursery Home Links-2/3/18

This week in Nursery has been very busy! We have continued our learning on the topic ‘Are eggs alive?’ and had a special visit from real live quails! The children got to look at their eggs, comparing their size, appearance etc to eggs that we see more often e.g. chicken eggs.

We also had an exciting visit from Keystrings, a schools orchestral company who introduced us to the family of string instruments. The children got to listen to each instrument being played and some even had the chance to play them! Please pop into Nursery to see some of the photos we took.

Thursday was World Book Day. We had a great time dressed up as traditional story characters and enjoyed lots of book related activities.

The amount of snow that fell this week caught us all by surprise! The children have had great fun. Look out for our Nursery snowman in our grounds, the children are watching what happens to him as the weather changes.

We have introduced the pure sound ’k’ this week. We talked about how to write a ’k’ sound, using the words; down the kangaroo’s body, tail and leg.   You could help your child to find more things that begin with ‘k’’ e.g. keys, kettle etc.

We have done some work this week on ‘longer’ and ‘shorter.’ The children completed a Rainbow Challenge in the playdough area making caterpillars that were longer/shorter than a given length. You could encourage these early measuring skills at home using a length of string or ribbon and asking your child to find things that are longer/shorter.

Next week we look forward to our Healthy Bodies and Healthy Minds Week. The children will take part in a variety of fun exercise, cookery and general health related activities. Look out for further information to come.

If the snowy weather continues, we ask for your help in clearly naming your child’s waterproofs and wellies in particular. We have a variety of gloves, hats, scarves and even wellies that need to be returned to their owners! Please look on the book bag trolley if you have lost anything.


Thank you for your continued support.

The Nursery Team


Nursery Home Links-23/2/18

We have had a very busy week in Nursery! We have introduced our new topic of ‘Are eggs alive?’ We have focused on the story of the Very Hungry Caterpillar by Eric Carle. The children have enjoyed trying a variety of caterpillar related activities e.g. Making holes in leaves using hole punches, painting caterpillars and butterflies and using jewels and sequins to follow wiggly caterpillar patterns. We also learnt a new song called ‘Tiny caterpillar on a leaf’, the words are printed on the reverse of this sheet and the following link takes you to an audio clip of the tune!

We have introduced the pure sound ’c’ this week. We talked about how to write an ‘c’ sound, using the words; curl around the caterpillar. The children really enjoyed writing ’c’ in custard and

making cups of coffee in the water area! Maybe you could look around the home for objects that begin with the ‘c’ sound.

We continue to review and practise recognising and counting numbers 1-10. This week the

children have enjoyed playing target games, aiming balls and bean bags into numbered shapes 1-10.

This week we are delighted to say that some of our Nursery children went to visit Mr Hodgson after trying very hard with their writing. They were rewarded with a really

special Templemoor pencil which can be kept for writing at home.

Thank you for the Parent Technology forms that have already been returned. We really

appreciate your help with building a clearer picture of how/if your child accesses

technology at home. This can include remote controls, phones, tablets, laptops, CD

players, robots and computers.

Next Thursday is World Book Day. We invite all children (and staff!) to come dressed as a

traditional story character (no film characters please). The children will enjoy a variety of book related activities, look out for more information next week.

On Monday we are really looking forward to a visit from Keystrings, a musical experience

company. The children will have the chance to listen to and handle a variety of real string

instruments and will learn about the orchestra. Look out for photos to come!

We are in need of empty tissue boxes for next week. If you have any, please send them in on Monday!


Thank you for your continued support.

The Nursery Team




Nursery Home Links-9/2/18

This week in Nursery we have been talking about how amazing our brains are. We have learnt that every time we learn something new, our brains grow stronger! The children have thought about all of the different things that our brains help us to do and have posed lots of their own questions about the brain e.g. How does the brain help our fingers to work? Can the brain help you to dance? We will continue to learn about our magnificent brains in the weeks to come.

Safer Internet Day was on Tuesday. The children spent time talking about what it means to ‘stay safe’ in a very general sense (how to be safe in the nursery e.g. not running inside, only travelling one way around the track etc) The children then brought up their own ideas about how to be safe outside of Nursery e.g. staying with grown ups in busy places, not running away from parents etc. We then talked briefly about being safe when using technology (tablets, phones, laptops,

computers etc)

We have reviewed all of the phonic sounds taught so far including m,a,s,d,t,i,n, p, g, o. We also

introduced the number 10 and where to find it on a number line. The children did lots of physical activities to encourage them to count 10 of something such as 10 jumps, 10 hops etc. Please

continue to encourage your child to look out for numbers around the home and when out and about, and encourage counting and playing games using number.

Over the half term holiday, there are lots of exciting things happening. Tuesday 13th

February is Shrove Tuesday (pancake day!) Wednesday 14th is Valentines Day and Friday 16th is Chinese New Year! We would love to hear about anything you do over the holiday to mark or

celebrate any of these events.

We are delighted that so many people borrow our story sacks. We have recently acquired some lovely material that we would like to use to make some new ones. If you, or possibly a grandparent are particularly good at sewing and would be willing to help us make some more story sacks, please see a member of staff.

Finally, as we continue to add to your child’s Learning Journey, we ask for your help in

telling us about how/if your child accesses technology at home. The questionnaire attached to this letter will help us to gather a broader picture of where your child is up to in terms of using

technology when not in school. Thank you for your support with this.


We hope you have a lovely half term holiday. We return to school on Tuesday 20th February.


Thank you for your support.


The Nursery Team